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Registration & Administration

The Registration & Administration Platform of the Project is a complete web-based application, through which all members and external collaborators interact to each other and do their work.

Registration in the KALLIPOS Registry is a prerequisit for undertaking any role within the Project.

If you need help with the registration process and submitting your information to the Project Registry, you can consult the file below: Instructtions for Registration (PDF – in Greek).

Βasic Registry operations

Personal information

Insertion of personal information by the registered members

Administration of Proposals

Checking and managing of submitted proposals (CST)


* Assigning Proposals to evaluators
* Monitoring the evaluation procedure (CST)
* Submission of evaluation reports (by the evaluators)

Who can register

Professors or Lecturers

Retired Professors or/and Professors Emeriti


Scientific and Research Associates

Freelancers/ Scientists

PhD and Master Degree Holders