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Frequently Asked Questions

The KALLIPOS initiative is the first complete and comprehensive effort to introduce the electronic, interactive, multimedia book in Higher Education. The main objective of the Intiative is to make the books available to everyone with open access.

It is the electronic version of a book that can be fully viewed or edited in a format supported by KALLIPOS (pdf, epub, LaTeX, docbook)

Yes! Every single book in the repository is freely available in its entirety for users to download.

Most of the books in KALLIPOS are educational in nature and many of them are recommended by teachers for their respective courses. They have received an ISBN and an EUDOXOS code, so they are in the relevant directories.

All of the books can be found in the Repository in the form of complete books or independent chapters.

If you have a finished book or are planning to write one, there are two ways to eventually make it available through KALLIPOS:

  1.  Take part in an open Call for Authors.
  2.   Offer your book for free in digital format. In any case, both the Authorship Proposal and the book itself are evaluated by the Scientific Committee in terms of educational/scientific value and contribution.

You can find more information here or you can visit the page about Calls .

They are the open periods when anyone can apply for their book, as long as they belong to one of the beneficiary groups. For more information, click here.

You can find all available options for contacting our staff here .

If your question isn’t answered, please contact us.

For detailed Frequently Asked Questions on authoring, you can download the PDF .