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Contributing Institutions


The Special Account for Research Funding (E.L.K.E.) of the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) aims at managing and allocating funds for scientific research, education, training, technological development and innovation
ELKE-NTUA is the implementing Institution of the KALLIPOS project.


HEAL-Link (Hellenic Academic Libraries Link) is the association of the Greek Academic Libraries and was founded with the aim of supporting its members in undertaking collaborative actions and contracts.

HEAL-Link together with ELKE NTUA are responsible for the operation of the KALLIPOS Repository and are the owners of the copyright of the available material.


The National Development Program (ΕΠΑ) is intended to adopt an integrated system for planning, management, monitoring and control of interventions funded by the national resources of the Public Investment Program (ΠΔΕ).

KALLIPOS is currently funded by the Public Investment Program of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affaires.

Other supporting Institutions