In 2023, Springer published the book “Open Educational Resources in Higher Education – A Worldwide Perspective” [Olivier, J., & Rambow, A. (Eds.). (2023). Open Educational Resources in Higher Education – A Global Perspective. Springer.]. In the tenth chapter, entitled “Repositories of Open Textbooks for Higher Education: A Worldwide Overview | SpringerLink”, a reference to the project’s repository is made.

We are particularly pleased about this, as it constitutes one more confirmation of its acclaim among the repositories of Open Educational Resources for Higher Education worldwide, as summarized in the respective Tables 10.1 and 10.4 of the book (see also the international Index OERSI, where KALLIPOS was integrated). Apart from the above, it further supports our recent efforts to continue this successful Open Education/Science project (

(Please note that the quantitative data given in the aforementioned text are taken from the first phase, the implementation of the first project KALLIPOS. By the time of its completion in its current second phase though, the project KALLIPOS+ will have raised the number of the available open/digital texts to more than double).